Our Process

We follow a detailed process to ensure that we are not only maintaining your environment so that it performs at its highest standard but we also plan for the future of your environment so that your company can grow without the fear of being held back by technology. Our five steps help us evaluate your environment and plan ahead for the future.

The ITS Process


Prior to signing a contract with ITS we will send in a tech to do a complete site audit so that we may fully understand the inter workings of your environment. This audit will then allow us to structure a contract based on what our technicians saw as time necessary to fix and/or maintain your environment.


After the audit has been preformed and we have a contract worked up a meeting will be set to go over recommendations we may have to improve/maintain your site and the plan we have set for ensuring that your technical infrastructure is up-to-date and running at its best performance.


What you get with ITS is an array of unique and senior skill sets that make ITS stand a part from other IT service providers.  By signing a contract with ITS you have access to the best and brightest IT professionals.  They will take the time understand your environment and help you work towards building the strongest infrastructure possible so that your job is never compromised by the technology you have in place.

If/when a technical problem occurs, because no matter how prepared you are things happen whether your VPN is down,  or you are not receiving e-mails, or your computer is not connecting to the internet, we have trained technicians on duty to be accessible to you when you need something done quickly.  We want to make sure that if you are in a situation where you cannot get work done because of a technical difficulty that you have confidence in knowing you can call us and we will help get you back to work as quickly as possible.


When it comes to the maintenance we work hard in being proactive with your environment.  We will preform duties onsite that ensure your systems are running with no hitches, and we will run checks on each piece of technical infrastructure so that we can catch an error before it starts causing problems.

  • Run random back-up checks to ensure that your back-up solution is running sound
  • Run your anti-virus solution to make sure all your computers are clean
  • Check your drive space and make sure no drives are at a critical limit, if so we will archive
  • Check individual mailbox sizes and make sure they are not at critical limit, if so we will archive
  • Check PowerChute or the relevant UPS software and make sure it is operational and protecting the server(s)
  • Check logs and troubleshoot warnings or errors
  • Check the state of services and make sure that all services that should be running actually are


After we get to know you and your environment better we will work with you in creating a long-term plan to ensure your technical environment is growing with your company.  Our Techs spend a lot of time in training to ensure they are up-to-date on the current, and most efficient technology to get maintain and grow a business, we want to impart that knowledge onto your environment.  Because the more we help you to grow the more we know we have done our job successfully.

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