A couple of newsletters ago we had a few tips and tricks that you can do with your iPhone that some users weren’t aware of. I have found a few more that might help!


  • Make a passcode with letters instead of numbers
    • Go to Settings> General> Passcode
    • Turn off the setting that says ‘Simple Passcode’
    • A screen will appear asking you to change your passcode, with a full QWERTY keyboard below. The next time you unlock your phone, the keyboard will appear instead of just the number pad.
  • Have Siri read out your emails
    • This is great for those that love having hands free, but make sure there aren’t people around to get annoyed! All you need to do it say “Read my email” and Siri will tell you the sender’s name, the date/time of the message, and the subject line. You can also instruct her to “read my latest email” or ask, “Do I have email from [person]?”
  • Text TimeStamps
    • Ever get that text that says “I will be there in 20 mins”, but you don’t know when they sent it! I have had a few people ask me this, and it’s super easy! In iOS 7 all you need to do is touch and drag the message bubbles to the left.
  • See which planes are overhead
    • This is great for those plane spotters, or just because you can. All you need to do is ask Siri, “What flights are above me?” or, “ Planes overhead” and she will pull up a chart featuring each plane’s flight number, its altitude, and its angle.
  • Delete your typing with a shake
    • If you change your mind mid text you can just shake the phone, and an ‘Undo Typing’ box will come up. If you tap undo, but that was accident you can just shake your phone again and a ‘Redo Typing’ box will come up.
  • Detailed view of your calendar
    • Just turn your phone horizontally when you are in the calendar app and this will give you a more detailed view of your appointments.
  • Turn on CAPS lock
    • It can get frustrating continually pressing the shift arrow every time you are trying to type in caps.  If you just double tap the shift key it will keep your typing in capitals.
  • Multi-snap with your camera
    • If you hold down the shutter button in your camera you will automatically activate burst mode. Your phone will capture and save a ton of photos in quick succession.
  • Customize your vibrations
    • If you are one of those people like me that always keep their phone on silent, this will help you distinguish who is trying to get a hold of you. In your ‘Contacts’ app, you can enable different vibration patterns for different contacts. So if you’re waiting for a text from someone, but you could be riding a bike, or just not in a situation where you can pull your phone out, this can let you know when they message you.
  • Stop your music with a timer
    • I find this tip really useful when I am reading and cooking at the same time, or when I am falling asleep listening to music. All you need to do is go to ‘Clock> Timer> When Timer Ends’, then scroll all the way to the bottom and tap on ‘Stop Playing’.  Set your timer, and you can fall into a blissful sleep without having to worry about turning off your phone.


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