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Bits & Bytes Gazette – Dec 2013


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December 2013

Last month of 2013, and it is seems like it is going to be a cold one and of course one that is filled with shopping and presents. If you are looking for a secret Santa gift, or some cute stocking stuffers, or want to get the family a nice big tech gift; we have given you some ideas and inspiration. In this newsletter we are going to see some hot gadgets for kids big and small. Merry Christmas everyone!

What’s in Decembers’ Newsletter?:

  • Stocking stuffers
  • Home Entertainment
  • Bird? Plane? No, it’s the delivery drone…
  • Star Wars Snowflakes
  • ERA- Electronic Recycling Association
  • Deal of the Month
  • Tech Tip of the Month
  • This Month in Tech History
  • December Events

Stocking Stuffers:

  • Spheroessentially this is the remote control car for the modern age. It can be used inside and outdoors and is controlled by the movements of your hands on your iPhone/iPad. It is about the size of an orange, and offers you enjoyment for yourself or with a friend.
  • Lazer Tag PackWith this pack, you can play lazer tag anywhere. Just download the app for free and pick up the guns. You can play this solo on missions, or get some friends and have a free-for-all
  • Oakley Airwave Goggles If you have any snowboard enthusiast in your circle, this would be an ideal accessory. You can track and share your speed, jump analytics, navigation, your buddies, music, and calls and text, plus more.
  • Olloclip 4-in-one Lens- With this nifty little attachment you can capture the types of photos you want from your phone. Connects in seconds, fits in your pocket, and gives you the creativity and that perfect photo.

Home Entertainment:

  • OLED TV- This would be if you want to splurge on yourself or family this holiday season. TV’s are constantly evolving and getting better and better. As one of the premium TV’s on the market right now the OLED tv’s are a good bet if you want to upgrade your viewing experience. There are some pros and cons like with all other technology, see below for some reviews on the Samsung and LG’s OLED tv’s.

  • Samsung 55’ S9C Series- Amazing picture quality, stunning contrast, and the ability for multi-view. How many times do you want to watch something while the other person wants something else? This way both can enjoy watching with full HD video and sound quality.
  • LG 55’ OLED Smart TV– Curved screen, 4 colour pixel, clear sound, Smart TV and an amazing cinema 3D experience. Unfortunately the LG’s price tag is almost 1.5 times more than the Samsung.
  • Comparison and info – Cons


  • Evolution Kit – If you are looking for an entertainment gift for someone, but more of an accessory instead of a new TV, there is the Evolution Kit. For those who already have the smart tv can keep up with the game with this little kit. It plugs into the back of your smart TV and upgrades the Smart Hub for select 2012 tv’s without having to buy the new model. With pricing starting around $200.00, it makes it an affordable gift as well.


  • Paradigm Soundtrack Sound bar & subwoofer-Another idea for a cinematic experience in your home, is to get a good sound system. With so many on the market, some big, some small, some wireless, it seems there are too many choices. Well if you are after something simple and good quality; take a look at what Paradigm has to offer. This sleek sound bar and wireless subwoofer fits into any room. Fast and easy to set up, hooks directly to many electronics, including the Apple TV, gaming consoles, entertainment players, and more.

Future of Deliveries:

China and South Africa have already used delivery drones for festivals and delivering cakes and packages. In Canada there are laws that require a certificate for every flight, but this technology has been allowed since 2008. Amazon has been working on drones to offer a half-hour delivery option, which they are hoping to achieve in the next 4-5 years. Check out the news on the future ‘Amazon Prime Air’.

Star Wars Snowflakes:

Tired of same old paper snowflakes, try out these cool Star Wars themed ones!

Check out the templates here!

Electronic Recycling Association:

Incorporated in 2004 and operating nationally, the Electronic Recycling Association (ERA) is a Not for Profit Organization (NPO) tasked with reducing unnecessary waste and/or adverse environmental impact associated with electronic and IT equipment.

The ERA believes that “reuse” is the most effective manner to achieve this, and thus donations of repurposed equipment compels significant and demonstrable positive community impact.

By providing other not for profits, community groups, agencies or otherwise qualifying organizations with equipment that still has productive life, the ERA is able to both provide a valuable and needed service to both those who need the equipment – and those corporate organizations who need a responsible outbound channel for their retiring goods.

In recent years, due to challenging economic conditions, many of the organizations whom the ERA helps by way of computing donations have seen reductions in their external funding sources, and as such make our donation activity much more valuable – and needed.

With the ongoing proliferation of “E Waste”, the ERA strives to grow our reach, as well as our ability to compel positive change.

For more information or to use their services check out their website:

Deal of the Month:

Each month we will supply you with a product that we believe is a great deal and may suit your business or personal needs. This is an opportunity for you to save time and energy shopping around for what’s best at the best price, because we have done it for you!

Samsung Series 3, 23.6’ Widescreen LED LCD Monitor

Price: $ 154.00

*Tax and Shipping not included

If you are interested please contact the sales team at

Tech Tip of the Month:

Brought to you by Alandale Training a great resource online for tips and on-site computer training courses in Vancouver, BC. Visit their site at

Using AutoCorrect to save keystrokes for common phrases

You can use AutoCorrect to save keystrokes for phrases you commonly use.  I often talk about step-by-step instructions in my proposals and emails.  My typing skills or OK but words with hyphens slow me down.  So rather than typing the phrase each time, I created an AutoCorrect entry sbs.

I can then type sbs in any e-mail or Word document and as I press the space bar, step-by-step instructions appears. I do something similar for One-on-One for which I created an AutoCorrect entry 1o1.

In recent versions of Microsoft Office all the programs use the same AutoCorrect file so you can use the entries you create in Word, Outlook, Excel or PowerPoint.  When creating AutoCorrect entries you want something that is easy to remember but make sure the entry isn’t a word or abbreviation you may use.

For instance, if I used step for my step-by-step AutoCorrect entry, every time I used the word step in a document or e-mail, the substitution would automatically happen!

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This Month in Tech History:

December Events:


Thanks for reading! Hope you have a great December! Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!

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Vancouver International Film Festival- Code Black

As some of you know we are one of the sponsors for the Vancouver Film Festival which begins next week on the 26th of September. This annual event brings together 9 screens, 75 countries and 341 films to our beautiful city for 2 weeks. This year we are sponsoring the movie – Code Black, check out the trailer and info here: Code Black

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A doctor at LA County hospital, first-time filmmaker Ryan McGarry provides the ultimate insider’s look at the realities of the ER and the adrenaline-charged residents who work there. His fast-paced and provocative documentary follows a group of bright, energetic young doctors as they struggle with the divide between their idealistic expectations and the realities of practicing medicine amidst a complex and overburdened system.

The film begins in 2008 when the residents were training at “C-Booth,” the notorious trauma bay at the LA County Hospital known as the “hurt locker of American medicine.” But in a moment, everything changes. C-Booth permanently closes and a new ER facility opens. The move sends the young doctors into an identity crisis as the new facility forces the team to grapple with the realities of modern medicine: bureaucracy, money, policy and the front-line burdens of a nation’s most complex socio-economic problem. They begin to wonder if it is possible to practice medicine with their ideals intact…

McGarry’s accomplished work—occasionally graphic in nature—is “an urgent, deeply felt report from the frontlines of emergency health care… [McGarry’s] extraordinary access to life-and-death moments and his illuminating perspective on the medical system make for a powerful viewing experience.”—Sheri Linden, Hollywood Reporter


Ryan McGarry
EXEC PRODS Mark Jonathan Harris, Marti Noxon, Edward Newton, William “Billy” Mallon, Jan Shoenberger, Matthew Damron, Diku Mandavia
PROD Linda Goldstein Knowlton
SCR Ryan McGarry, Joshua Altman
CAM Nelson Hume
ED Joshua Altman
MUS James Lavino

July Newsletter 2012

Summer if finally here! We think this newsletter has a little something for everyone. You can also find our newsletter on our Facebook page! Don’t forget to check out some fun activities for July. 





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July 2012

In this Month’s Newsletter:
  • Monthly Electronic Deal
  • The New Monitor Everyone Should Have
  • Tech Tip Brought to you by Alandale Training
  • This Montth in Tech History
  • July Events in and Around Vancouver

Monthly Electronic Deal

Each month we will supply you with a product that we believe is a great deal and may suit your business or personal needs. This is an opportunity for you to save time and energy shopping around for what’s best at the best price, because we have done it for you!
HPG HP FOLIO 13 I5-2467M 128GB 4GB

Price: $1299.00 CAD
*prices does not include HST, Office Suite or deployment labour 

If interested contact the sales team at

The New Monitor Everyone Should Have

Click this link to read the latest review on this great new monitor.

Dell UltraSharp U2412M Monitor


Brought to you by Alandale Training a great resource online for tips and on-site computer training courses in Vancouver, BC. Visit their site at

As I work on a spreadsheet in Excel I find I sometimes want to record why I entered a specific value in the cell or what a complex formula does.  Comments let you do both of these things.

To add a comment to a cell:
1. Right-click on the cell
2. Select Insert Comment
3. Key in the text and then click outside the comment box

A small red triangle (the comment indicator) appears on the top right corner of the cell.  To display the comment, move the mouse pointer over the cell.

To edit or delete the comment, right-click on the commented cell and select Edit Comment or Delete Comment.

Now you can capture the thought process behind all those great spreadsheets!

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This Month in Tech History
July 10th, 1856 – Nikola Tesla is Born
July 27th, 1866 – Trans-Atlantic Cable connect America to Europe with the telegraph.
July 20th, 1969 – Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walk on the moon.
July 26th, 1989 – Robert Tappan Morris is the first person to be indicted under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.


Here are some fun events happening in and around Vancouver.

July events in and around Vancouver!

Thanks for reading and have a great July!