April Newsletter 2012

Spring has sprung, and the cherry blossoms are blooming. ITS is excited for some sunny weather. We have a great newsletter for you this month, including a client highlight that is sure to sweeten your day, as well as a great tech tip and electronic deal.

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April 2012


In this Month's Newsletter:

  • Daniel Le Chocolat Belge
  • How is that new Apple iPad?
  • ITS Electronic Deal
  • Tech Tip Brought to you by Alandale Training
  • This Month in Tech History
  • April Events in and Around Vancouver


Daniel Le Chocolat Belge

Looking for a place to get your Easter goodies.  Daniel Le Chocolat Belge is our local favourite.  Daniel was born and raised in Belgium, and has spent 25 years perfecting his craft.  Visit their website for more information and locations to buy your Easter treats. 

How is that new Apple iPad?

The iPad is out and the reviews have started to come in.  With a stellar new Retina 2048×1536 display, quad-core graphics and dual core processor, and a five megapixel camera, as well as 1080p movie shooting you are sure to be blown away.  

There are a few comments coming out about the iPad getting very warm after extended use, as well as very slow charging time, even a reviewer that noted if the device was plugged into a USB port it would not charge at all.  Just a few things to look out for when looking into the new iPad.  

Beyond that its new capabilities and crystal clear display are sure to please any new owner.  

Monthly Electronic Deal

Each month we will supply you with a product that we believe is a great deal and may suit your business or personal needs. This is an opportunity for you to save time and energy shopping around for what’s best at the best price, because we have done it for you! 

Samsung Personal Printer


Samsung ML- 1675 Laser Printer 17PPM 1200DPU 8MB USB2.0

This black and white personal printer is great for document printing. Reliable, fast, and light weight.  

Price: $75.00

If interested contact the sales team at


Tech Tip of the Month

Brought to you by Alandale Training a great resource online for tips and on-site computer training courses in Vancouver, BC. Visit Alandale Training Website

Entering Fractions into Excel:

Have you ever tried to enter a fraction in excel and end up with the divisible number?  Here is a quick tip on how to avoid that.

Format the cell(s) before entering the fraction(s):

1.      Select the cells that will contain fractions

2.      Right-click on the highlighted cells

3.      Select Format Cells, Number tab

4.      In the Category list, select Fraction

5.      Select a Type of fraction

6.      Click on OK

If you liked this tip click here to join the Alandale Training Mailing List to receive more great tech tips.  

This Month in Tech History

April, 1976 Apple Computer, Inc. was founded in Cupertino, California by Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne.

By summer of 1976, Apple I was designed by Steve Wozniak as a personal computer, in Steve Jobs' garage.  It was first shown at the Homebrew Computer Club a club for computer hobbyists in Palo Alto, California. It was Steve Jobs that suggested to sell the computer for $666.66, only about 200 units were sold.  

Coincidentally, Apple II was also launch in April in 1977, becoming one of the first mass produced personal computers on the market.


Here are some fun events happening in and around Greater Vancouver.

TELUS World Ski & Snowboard Festival

Vancouver Fan Expo

Earth Day

Thanks for reading! Hope you have a great April!

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September Newsletter 2011

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