Get up to $7,500

With the BC Launch Online Grant Program

How To Apply For the BC Launch Online Grant

ITS Consulting are here to help you to apply for the BC Launch Online Grant to tap into the $42 million of grant funding in place by the BC government to help small and medium size businesses across BC move their business online.. We will ease the normally confusing and frustrating process of applying for grants and will work with you to navigate the application process to help you tap into this exciting opportunity to take your business digital.


How the program works

The BC Launch Online Grant program provides funding to BC-based businesses to develop or update your very own e-commerce website. If you already have a website but do not have the ability for customers to shop online, the grant program will also fund to upgrade your existing website into an online shop or an online booking system and/or improve your existing online operations to attract new local customers and expand to new markets. The grant will pay for up to 75% of eligible expenses, up to a maximum of $7,500 per business. That means you only have to pay 25% of the cost to turn your website into a revenue generating part of your business!

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The program application has three steps


ITS Consulting will help you develop a grant proposal that lays out the estimated fund allocation.


ITS Consulting will support you in completing the online application to demonstrate your eligibility.


Find out whether your grant was accepted. In the meantime, we’ll start planning your new online store.

How the BC launch grant works

ITS Consulting have created an online web proposal we know works to meet all criteria needed to help BC businesses qualify for the BC Launch Online Grant. If the total investment needed to create you a brand new online ecommerce shop falls within the $7,500 eligible expense maximum offered by the BC government, than you only pay 25% of the value towards your new online store or online booking system for your business. If your online ecommerce website is estimated to exceed the $7,500 maximum expense, you are STILL ELIGIBLE for funding up to the $7,500, so we are happy to work with you to develop a plan so you can still capitalize on this amazing funding opportunity!

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In order to be eligible, you need yo meet the following criteria

  1. Your business is owned, operated, and registered in BC and owned by a BC resident(s)
  2. Your business must be registered and currently operating
  3. Your business had more than $30,000 in revenue in 2019, 2020
  4. Your business has repeatable products (goods), or individual items that have slight differences (jewellery or artists) OR you offer a service that relies on set booking/reservation times.
  5. Your business does not have an online store, or has an online store with limited functionality

Take Advantage of This Grant Opportunity!

ITS Consulting is here to help you! Click on the button to see if you qualify. If you quality, then we’ll contact you to help you with the application process and the website online store quote proposal. Once completed, we submit your application to be awarded the grant. The deadline to apply is September 30th. Apply Now!

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