Managed Services Overview

It is our job to know IT and our Services will allow you to feel like you have an IT department. Under our contract models our technicians, systems, procedures and policies will integrate into your environment and work to prevent and solve your technical issues. We always strive to provide the best technical solutions to ensure your environment is stable and current. Please contact us for a free Audit and Risk Assessment to determine the level of Managed Services you need.

We offer four distinct levels designed to fit any business size. Our goal is to work with your company to alleviate the stress of managing IT and let you do what you do best!


Perfect for companies that require break-fix or have specific IT requests

Per Device – Remote

Tech support, network monitoring, proactive solutions & more

Per Device – Full

Focus on your business, let us focus on the IT of your business

Hybrid Custom

Nothing really fit?
We can find you a custom solution

Within these contract models we currently service an array of clients that range from multi-site 100’s of seats down to boutique and a handful of seats. No client is too small or too big. As part of our engagement we will provide a detailed site audit and support options to determine which service level will fit not only your environment, but your budget as well. IT can be an easy oversight when it comes to budgeting, but it is important to remember that without a healthy technical environment your business would have a hard time running, if at all.


The Hourly Service is classified as non-contract. Perfect for companies that require break-fix or have specific IT requests. All IT support can be managed via phone, e-mail, or remote services. We can also schedule onsite support and maintenance services to avoid potential problems.

There’s no contract and no monthly obligation. Give us a call and we will book someone to help you, then bill you for time used to resolve the issue. Need a specific technical resource for a specific implementation? No problem, we can do that too.

As a non-contract customer there are no Service Levels and no guarantees on available staff. Our contract customers take precedence. But if we can help we will.

Per Device – Remote Only

ITS uses best of breed software to monitor, alert and tune computer systems, allow for automated ticketing, remote support, audit and asset management, standards implementation.

Want something a little more than hourly break-fix, someone to monitor your environment, proactively recommend solutions and allow for automation of alerting when your staff get a little too carried away downloading the latest greatest game that just so happens to turn off their Antivirus or Firewall? We can do that.

All for a low monthly cost per machine covered. We require that all machines in an environment be included, not just the odd one for that odd individual you have working in the loading bay, but the costs are low and the benefits incredibly high.

This service is great for companies that have a well-developed technical infrastructure, and limited technical emergencies, but don’t have the tools in house to keep an eye on things. You have put in the time developing your technical infrastructure and now we can take it from here. Feel confident that we will be able to maintain your environment and should any issues arise you have a prearranged communication stream to contact our office where we will take care of the issues in the order that they arrive and the severity of the issue.

Service can also Include:
• Scheduled Onsite Maintenance for Desktops, Servers and Network Management
• Dispatch Escalation Support
• Hardware and Software Specifications and Deployment

Per Device – Full Service

The crème de la crème pay a little more per month for every device in your environment, and then don’t think about IT again. Focus on your business and let us focus on the IT of your business. Our RMM client installed in your environment gathers all operating data in the environment and alerts our helpdesk of any issues. Your staff get direct access to technical staff on the phone for as much time as they need. If we can’t fix it remotely a tech is dispatched to your office to fix the issue locally. Our staff also come onsite daily, weekly and monthly to perform onsite services, meet with your staff and create contact points to ensure we understand your business processes and can give recommendations to make your business run more smoothly. Need technical advise? That’s included too. Want to buy some equipment? We can help. All that piece of mind distilled down into a low monthly fee. Need reports on what we do? We have those. Need an asset list or an aged equipment list for insurance purposes? Budgeting purposes? Want to see what tickets your staff are sending in, figure out which of your staff don’t quite understand the technology they use, or which staff member causes the most problems in your environment? All of that, and so much much more, is possible, and again it’s a monthly fee and we just get on with our jobs, no more “I’m sorry that’s not covered,” or “I’m sorry we need more money to do that.” Surprise IT bills… a thing of the past. If any of those statements hit a nerve then our Per Device Full Service Contract package is for you. And it all starts with a Free Audit to assess and identify issues and risks in your environment.

Worried about any of the above and Migrating to ITS from your current provider? Once you are a qualified customer lead you can talk to any of our existing customers and get their take on what we do. We have onboarding processes to ensure we don’t miss anything, and you will never hear us bitch about the last company you used, we don’t know where they came from, what their history is or what the money was they had to use at the time. For us it’s about fixing the issues we find, not pointing fingers or apportioning blame. So don’t worry, once you are our customer, you are our customer and we will take responsibility for the systems we inherit.

Hybrid Custom

None of that really fit your space or idea for what you want out of IT? That’s no problem, again we start with an Audit, we present Risks and Recommendations, and can then build a solution to fit. Whether you have remote offices in parts of the world the sun shines only rarely (as compared to this beautiful place we call home) that’s no problem, we have extended networks of partners and can indeed service that office in Toronto that thinks its your head office, we have French Speaking Technicians in Montreal again with a partner company so the Bloc will be happy as well. Need an hour every third month for a specific technical task and want to just ensure it’s the same guys doing it yes we can do that, want us to host the entire environment but not support it or support something we don’t host, its all no problem it starts with a discussion and we need you to take that first step, so give us a call.. we have ITS Chocolate Robots and Dogs we can bring to the meeting!