Other Services Overview

Haven’t seen anything yet that wets your whistle? We don’t just manage your existing infrastructure, from websites to design, from hosting to building, from purchasing to budgeting, there’s decades of experience in our team of tech savvy folks. Some other things we might be able to help you with:


We can get the tech gear you need


Lets make the world a greener place


Not sure what you need?


Fluffy and efficient


Can’t find an off-the-shelf solution?


We are called ITS Consulting after all

Registered Reseller

All the options you need


Training from A-Z

Hardware & Software Purchasing

We take the guess work out of buying hardware and software. Our expert technical staff will work with you to determine the appropriate hardware and software solutions. We are registered resellers of many name brands you will recognize and have partner agreements with providers to ensure you have the best quality products and services available. We work hard to find the best price and are available to deploy your product as well.


ITS is very cognoscente of the environmental impact electronics have. We always try to utilize old hardware for a new use, typically via donations to needy customers and associations and we always recycle. If you have items you wish to recycle please contact us or contact the Electronic Recycling Association for information.


Not sure if we can help you? Call us, let us provide you with a free audit of your environment, including a Risk Assessment and detailed Asset inventory, (most useful for those pesky insurance people) we might even bring you some free ITS Chocolates when we present our findings.

Cloud Hosting

Is it the Cloud? Or is it a foggy substrate that you are completely lost trying to figure out. Does it make sense for your business? we have customers running SAAS, we have customers running Private Cloud in our or their own infrastructures, customers running public cloud. if all that made zero sense and your existing IT guys are heading for the hills or unable to give you an idea what your 5 years cost comparators are what cloud options are available for you and even whether you should or should not go, feeling pressured to go Cloud but don’t know. call us, we can help.

Application Development

We are the best and we work with the best. We’ve an extensive network of business analyst, subject matter experts, project managers, vendors, and partners. Need something to make your business really hum or elevate you to the next level but not sure who to talk to… that would be ITS, your systems best friend.


Need a resource for a week, a month, a year? Need an outsourced helpdesk but want to use your internal IT Staff? That’s just consulting, you have the $ and the idea? We likely have the know how to make it work, or the resources to assign on longer term commitments. If you ended up here did you see our section on Consulting and Projects?