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March Newsletter 2012

ITS had a very exciting February, we moved to a new office (Visit our Facebook to see pictures), painted and are still getting to know the area, even though it is only two blocks from our original location.  We have some great news and tips for you this month.  Including,  cautionary insight to becoming a full-fledged Apple home, a website to clean up your permissions on social media sites to protect your information, and a great tech tip.

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February Newsletter 2012

This February a couple great tech tips, one sure to save a lot of us from the dreaded spelling error in an email subject line, and for those of you still not sure what to get your loved one on Valentine’s Day (REMINDER: It’s February 14Th) we have some recommendations to help ease the stress. Also, check out an interesting history lesson, and events that are happening in Vancouver this month.

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October Newsletter 2011

ITS had a very exciting September and we are all looking forward to October. We always like this time of year as Fall is in full swing and the Holidays are just around the corner.  There is a lot of news for this month, all of which we think you will be excited to here about.

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September Newsletter 2011

ITS has been busy finding our Clients new solutions for the office, and did we find a good one.  We met with the leading company for workstation ergonomics and discovered some important changes that will make work less harmful to your body, making you more focused, less fatigued and more productive.

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May Newsletter 2011

We know the Canucks Playoffs are stressful, and we don’t want using your computer to feel the same way. This month we are going to talk about a NAS storage solution. Plus, ITS has new monitor for sale, we will show you some easy shortcuts on your keyboard, and fun events happening in Vancouver during the month of May.

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