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For over 20 years, we have been the trusted IT growth partner of choice for some of Vancouver’s most established public and private business.

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Part of Your Team

Our people and systems operate as an extension of your in-house team. Integrating our expertise into your business will prevent and solve technical issues, so your employees can focus on their priorities. We ensure your technical environment is stable, protected, and current.

Your Systems Audit

While we address your needs and goals, our team provides a free audit of your IT set up that includes a risk assessment and detailed asset inventory. Once we understand your business and its present technology solutions, we will offer several options for pricing packages and support levels.

Always Ready

Some clients require in-house support, and others request the convenience of being just a phone call away. We also remain available for more urgent situations, such as systems failures and storage issues. Our goal is to be your business’ support system when you need it most.

Hardware & Software

Our skilled technicians manage sourcing and ordering hardware and software equipment. From contacting third party vendors to reviewing contracts and implementing equipment on-site. We’re a registered reseller of reputable brands, ensuring you get the best products for your business at the best value. We also specialize in re-using and re-homing hardware, helping you recycle and dispose of used electronics responsibly.

Vendor Management

We have partner agreements with providers to ensure our customers receive top quality programs, products, and services for the best prices. We review vendor contracts to ensure you’re getting the best value support and warranties.


We can be your data’s first line of defense. We offer monitoring and managing multifunction firewalls (intrusion prevention/detection systems), security gateways, theft protection and incident analysis. We systematically run vulnerability scans to ensure we are adding protection to your system where it’s most needed.

Cyber Security
Network Monitoring
Incident Response
Data Security
Firewall Protection
Virus Applications

We remove the stress of managing your IT systems, so you can focus on your business.

Strategic IT Consulting

Senior ITS Consulting Staff are available for strategic IT planning, specific project deployments, office moves and bespoke IT management. We get your IT services up to date, running smoothly and on schedule so your business is uninterrupted. An experienced technical consultant ensures that planning and preparing for infrastructure changes integrate seamlessly into your business and your budget.

Cloud Hosting

Your infrastructure and data management is secure through cloud hosting and private virtual servers. Our managed web hosting servers offer top speed access. We provide management and security for your entire server using firewalls and monitoring software

Project Design Services

We understand which technical elements your business needs for maximum efficiency and functionality. Working within your priorities and budget, we manage your IT projects from planning, to deployment and configuration. On schedule and on budget.

IT Consulting Services

Our staff offer a high level of technical training, skills, and experience to guide you through understanding and implementing the right technology to grow and support your business. Our services are available in both short term and long term contracts.

Training Programs

We offer effective and interactive training to ensure your team is confident with the IT systems your business is using, including upgrades. All courses are offered as one-on-one, classroom or group training, and include a reference guide.

Infrastructure Upgrades

We consider your business requirements and recommend the most efficient solutions when upgrading your server and software to align with your team, business requirements and budget needs.

We would be happy to chat with you about your business goals and technology needs. Please get in touch with us.

We would like to help you get the most out of your business. If you need a site refresh or brand update, please get in touch with our creative and technical team, Our friendly consultants can be the guidance you need to meet today’s communication challenges.

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