Who are we?

ITS Consulting Inc. is a Vancouver based business technology solutions company, incorporated in August of 2003. We have a substantial list of local businesses under contract and we are committed to providing all of our customers with outstanding services and solutions. ITS delivers on the promise of technology by incorporating a diverse skill set and people, using quality hardware and software, and by focusing on our client’s needs. We can implement as much or as little of our solutions as necessary and specific to your company needs.

We don’t believe in advertising we believe in our customers, as such our growth to date is based entirely on referral basis. This speaks volumes to the quality of service and level of engagement we maintain with our customer base. Need a reference before you start working with us? No problem. Let our professional sales team know and they will pick a customer with a similar technical environment to receive feedback from. We are extremely proud of our high level of customer retention and the relationships we build with our clients and their staff.

Our Team

When you work with ITS you work with the best! We have a fantastic crew of talented individuals and we hope you will have the opportunity to experience their skills and excellent customer service!


Where the buck stops!

Jason W. Davies

President & Daycare Supervisor

Jason Davies brings decades of experience in IT to ITS. His strengths include server based software and hardware technologies, systems architecture / integration, implementation, troubleshooting, project management, and business requirements analysis.

Kevin Leung

Vice President & Chief Propeller Head

Kevin Leung brings decades of combined experience in IT and Engineering to ITS. His strengths include small to enterprise level systems architecture / integration, multi-tiered implementations, troubleshooting and mechanical / electrical systems, and virtualization.


Our IT Daycare supervisors have multiple cat herding skills, able to deal with translating Tech Speak to real world and include:

Sara Tassoupoulos

Administrative Assistant

Sarah comes to us after spending a few years in England working in various hospitality and admin roles. Currently on Maternity Leave you can expect to see her back hopefully at the start of 2018 loaded for bear with her Baby Carrier full will all her Guns, Knives, camping and gold panning equipment.

Michelle de Haas

Administrative Assistant

Herman LeRoux

Engagement Specialist

Team Leadership

These are the go to guys for each department,
not sure who to talk to? Not sure what you are talking about? These guys can help direct you to the right person.

Terry Connolly

Technical Lead: Helpdesk

Terry has been working with us for just over a year now. He has grown so much in that short time and with only having 2 years experience in the industry he is already providing exceptional services to clients and staff alike. As passionate as Terry is about his computer, he loves spending as much time as possible at home with his lovely family.

Martin Kaiser

Technical Lead: Web Systems

Martin is the Technical Lead for Web Development at ITS. He graduated from SAIT polytechnic in 2008 with a diploma in New Media Production and Design. When Martin isn’t in front of a screen you can find him up in the mountains. Either on a snowboard or bike.


Technical Lead Operations

Is this you? It could be... scroll down and send us your resume.


And then the worker Bees, these are the guys and gals that get s#$t done. Well we all get s#$t done but these are the core group of Geniuses and their quirks that make up and make ITS what it is today.

Jason Cramer

Technical Consultant & Project Deployment

Jason Cramer brings over 15 years of experience in IT to ITS. His strengths include a significant knowledge with internal and client IT environments.

Nick Siviter

Technical Consultant & Project Deployment

Nick Siviter brings over 15 years of experience in IT to ITS. His strengths include a significant knowledge with internal and client IT environments.

Michael Scott

Technical Analyst

Michael Scott has multiple years in the IT industry and an additional 5 years here at ITS. His strengths include hardware/software troubleshooting and repairs, desktop installations, deployments, product sales and quoting, and customer service.

Pasha Lari

Technical Analyst

Pasha Lari brings over 9 years of IT industry experience to our team, 5 of which he has spent with ITS. His strengths include computer hardware/software repairs, installation, deployment, sales and marketing, troubleshooting, and customer service.

Derek Petersen

Technical Analyst

Derek Petersen brings over 20 years of experience in IT with in depth knowledge of computer hardware/software diagnostics and repairs, installation, deployment, networking, consultation, and management.

Miguel Alberastine

Technical Analyst

Miguel has been working here for just over a year. He continues to gain and develop his skills here while providing great customer service to our clients. While not glued to a computer, Miguel likes to do other hands on projects, such as bike and car repairing/building, and also does break dancing on the side.

Jeremy Hedrick

Technical Analyst

Jeremy is new to the ITS team and the IT field. As a recent graduate of network administration he is looking forward to continuing to learn and develop his skills with the team. When not working on computers, Jeremy likes to spend his free time with his family and friends.

Shayn Bennett

Junior Technical Analyst

Shayn is new to the ITS team after receiving his degree in Computer Science from the University of Victoria. He looks forward in gaining more insight and knowledge in the IT field while displaying exceptional customer service. In his past-time, Shayn enjoys playing soccer, video games, and exercising at the gym.

Michael Cordiez

Senior Network Consultant

Claudio Alves

Web & Graphic Designer

Claudio, a.k.a. CJ, joins us after only being in the country for about a year coming in from Brazil. He has over 10 years experience in the IT industry, finished his diploma in Web Design and Development. He will be working with Martin to help expand our services that we provide to clients.

Mike Dibblee

Branding and Graphic Design

Tony Lau

Senior ASP Consultant

Who are we?

Want to work for one of the best IT companies in Vancouver, with one of the most awesome customer bases from high tech to retail, mining to education, healthcare to land development? Look no further, ITS is always on the look out for top talent like you! If you are on our site then you are interested in IT, like gaming? Like the outdoors? Like Beer? Love Ping Pong or Scalextrix.. even know what scalextrix is? Have a lego collection? Have a degree or diploma in a related technical field? Year’s of experience?

Interested in joining our team? We are always searching for that person that strives to be the best in our core space. ITS Consulting Inc. prides itself in continuing the education of its staff in leading edge technology, to enable each member of our team to have increased opportunities for growth and advancement within the company, competitive salaries, great benefits, flexible workspace, hip centrally located office with easy access to transit. If you think that sounds like an environment you want to work in then we want to hear from you!

If there is no Job listing here don’t panic, drop us a line anyway, send us your CV/Resume and we’ll take a look.